Tromelin Island

Tromelin Island is a low, flat, island in the Indian Ocean about 500 kilometers north of Reunion, and about 450 kilometres (280 mi) east of Madagascar. Tromelin is administered as a French overseas territory, however, Mauritius claims sovereignty over the island, on grounds of its absence in the listing of the 8th article of the French version of the Paris Treaty. France and Mauritius have been negotiating for years in regards to a possible co-management of the island in the future.

Tromelin has facilities for scientific expeditions but also a strategic airplane landing track which could be used in a coordinated way with Diego Garcia US forces for advanced air and sea monitoring of the region in case of conflict. It also has a weather station and is a nesting site for boobies and green sea turtles. Tromelin Island has deep waters with a large fish resource.

Collection of maps of Tromelin Island. Other maps of Tromelin Island (Tromelin Island maps).

Maps of Tromelin Island

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