Saarbrucken is the capital and largest city of the state of Saarland, Germany. Saarbrucken is Saarland's administrative, commercial and cultural centre and is next to the French border.

Saarbr├╝cken was created in 1909 by the merger of three towns, Saarbrucken, St. Johann, and Malstatt-Burbach. It was the industrial and transport centre of the Saar coal basin. Products included iron and steel, sugar, beer, pottery, optical instruments, machinery, and construction materials.

Historic landmarks in the city include the stone bridge across the Saar (1546), the Gothic church of St. Arnual, the 18th-century Saarbrucken Castle, and the old part of the town, the Sankt Johanner Markt (Market of St. Johann).

In the 20th century, Saarbr├╝cken was twice separated from Germany: in 1920-35 as capital of the Territory of the Saar Basin and in 1947-56 as capital of the Saar Protectorate.

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